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Our Services

The one-stop shop for your Social Branding needs

Influencer & Celebrity Marketing

Get the right face for your product to be placed. We’ll customize the campaign and communications to push you in the right direction!

Brand Creation & Design

Looking to start you brand from ground up? Revamping your existing brand or product line? Our design & marketing experts can help you start from scratch

Social Media Managment

Digital media is the new form of comunication, leave it to us to place you above the noise

Community Building

Shaping emerging brands or envisioning existing brands growth. It is all about creating a community who believes in your vision and is more than a customer.

Website Development

The base of showing digital presence and authority is to have a website. It is considered a mandate and also the introduction to your Brand

Video Production

We’ll create the stories your audience will want to hear. From inception till projection in 4k

About Us

We pride ourselves in our quality of work and on-time delivery of all projects

We’re a team of young creators and marketers who understand the pulse of content creation and media. Our objective is to offer the best services in the world for both our brands and influencers.

With Brands, we understand what form of content is best consumed by the audience and create every campaign, design & marketing plan keeping the pulse of the consumer in mind. We”ll cover all forms of multimedia for you.

As creators, we also understand the struggles of how content creation works and how the right flow state can help build an audience. This knowledge enables us to look past the numbers and into the possibilities of creating a community or a group which roots for everything your brand does.

Our Team

We are a team of visionaries running and expanding the universe of digital and traditional content.

Sidhikka Bajpai

- Founder & Creative
IIMC grad (advertising and branding whiz!) with 9+ years of industry experience. Walked the influencer path herself, then went pro. Worked at a funded startup accelerator – market knowledge on point! Launched countless familiar brands – a true brand marketing pro.

Ishita Bhandari

Strategy & Copy
With a love for words, ideas and colour, Ishita is a natural conversationalist who translated her passion into a career. She is a post graduate from IIMC Delhi (Batch of 2016) & has 8+ years of experience in digital marketing/ advertising. With the ability to converge business requirements, planning & creative storytelling, can handle your content stratergy and copy needs!

Nitin Yadav

Nitin Yadav is a graphics and 3D motion designer who appreciates clean, modern design. His expertise lies in Brand Creation, Brand Development & creative design. A veteran (10+ years!) breathes life & creates immersive spaces and crafts packaging that pops. From crafting captivating real environments to designing packaging that grabs attention on shelves, they bring brands and products to life in the digital world.

Jay Shah

Legal eagles beware! Jay's been rocking contracts for 15 years, keeping clients safe from legal headaches. From influencer deals to epic ad shoots, He crafts contracts so tight, they'd make ninjas jealous. Breathe easy, creators – Jay's got your back (and all the loose ends tied up)!

Tathagata Mitra

Copy Head
Writer & Wordsmith who has been writing regularly for the last 15 years. He is the one who goes deep into the heart of every brand story and weaves together penetrative and actionable creative campaigns.

Want to be managed by us

Here are a few reasons why we should manage you

You get to relax and make content & we will be taking care of all your emails, calls, negotiations, pitching and more! Hassle-free life for you!
All our brand-campaigns come first to you! Being a part of our network all campaigns will first be offered to you.
We help assist you with legal aid in case of any payment issues and anything you need.
We won't lock you down with crazy legal documents, it is an extremely simple process where you won’t be tied down for years!
Co-create with other influencers in our network and get aid from our creative consultants to improve your content game!

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